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Until recently, only PC or laptop owners could freely enjoy gambling entertainments, making bets or winning after trying out another slot. But, with the rapidly increasing demand in mobility and upgrades of pocket devices, the focus of developers shifted to this group of potential players. Nowadays, it is impossible to surprise anyone with the searches like “how to download Aviator game” or another game implied specially for people who use their phones or tablets. It is also being adapted to the most popular operating systems, making it easy to start Aviator game download for iOS or Android in a couple of minutes. In such way, everyone today can get Aviator free download to start their journey.

Aviator App

Although the Aviator game has a short backstory, it quickly became popular since the release back in 2018 by Spribe company. There were numerous requests about program Aviator game download that continue until now, discussing the best way to do it.

Right now, there are several ways to download Aviator, which includes several bookmaker or casino platforms the developers cooperate with. Among them, the most popular options are:

  • 1win. The 1win Aviator download is one of the most preferable options, especially for those who took a liking to crash games in general. Aside from 1 win Aviator download, there are multiple choices to entertain oneself with, making it the leader among genre fans.
  • 1xbet. Famous all over the globe, the bookmaker gladly offers 1xbet Aviator download on any operating system with regional support.
  • Pin Up. Another option for the enthusiasts is to take an offer for Pin-up Aviator download on the device. With its extended collection, Pin Up Aviator download still becomes the top reason among users to consider getting an application for themselves.

Everyone can select their best app to play Aviator game at any time or place, for any type of device. The most essential thing before getting started – to check whether Aviator games apps correspond to the system requirements. This precaution prevents any kind of issues with Aviator apps download, from occasional lags to game crashing. Nevertheless, the software developers try to ensure that everyone has an opportunity for Aviator game free download with as little limitations as possible, which can be seen from the table below.

Software version44562
APK size4 MB
Final software size22 MB
OS supportAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOS and more
Available regionsIndia, US, European countries and more
Live streamsSport events, live dealers

pin-up aviator apk download

Aviator Game for Android APK and iPhone iOS

The Spribe company made sure that every partnering company enenabledable Aviator 2.0 APK in the downloadable catalog to enjoy the game in different formats. With the initial adaptation of Aviator game download app to all potential platforms, it does not need additional calibration to be played on the mobile devices. As for why Aviator airplane APK is unavailable as a standalone application, the reason is that it requires the mediating service that manages the balance. For this reason, the search results with “Pin Up casino Aviator download APK”, or “1win Aviator APK download” would be more common than the one telling solely about Aviator 2023 APK.

Some of the results during the search may bring up other software, like “1xbet Aviator hack APK download”, so it is important to pay attention to the exact type of file while downloading. Not only it makes no real difference to the game, but such Aviator APK download can be harmful to the system. So, whenever saving the “Pin-Up Aviator APK download”, check whether it is real and belongs to the original platform.

Download Aviator APK for Android

Used by the dominant number of users, Android is a default option for the players who plan to get Aviator online APK on their devices. Once the player wants to find their 1 win Aviator APK, there will be numerous links to websites with downloadable files. Select only the official options for Pin Up Aviator APK download, define whether it is compatible with the devices and start preparing for installation. For the Aviator app Android, the latest phone models are recommended, but not completely necessary.

Download APK File

Before downloading the platform’s Aviator pro APK, there is no need to hurry with creating an account. Usually, the bookmaker or casino enables the opportunity to sign up from the application, not requiring to refer to the website. Then, when selecting Aviator money earning app mode, the account will officially manage the balance that is available both for the game and other activities.

For proceeding with Aviator game best app, it is enough to visit the official provider’s site, open the corresponding page, select Android option and start downloading. Nothing complicated, but the process requires caution for any Aviator game app download in advance so that not to save the problematic file by accident.

pin up aviator apk

Get Permission to Install Third-party Apps

If a player has Aviator game APK download in plans, then they need to be prepared for the fact that the applications should be downloaded from third-party resources only. The official Google Play policy disables the downloads of any bookmaker or casino service from its catalog, so any Aviator game apps, especially real versions, cannot be obtained from it.

In order to allow the Aviator money game app install safely, the user has to enable the actions from third-party applications. It is possible to search for it in the permissions or check the pop-up message with Aviator app APK end of download. As it influences the security of device, the system will ask for additional confirmation of changes before making them active and starting the Aviator games apps installation.

aviator android

Start Installing the Game

After the Aviator app download APK is ready, the process will take only a minute or two to be finished, without additional moves. There will be no much memory taken, too, as the maximal volume of the final Aviator earning app reaches only 100 MB. At the same time, the connection speed will be increased significantly, as all the available presets will just have to be retrieved from the storage memory. It is especially useful for the occasions when the user has unstable network connection or limited data plan, saving both the time and resources to play the favorite Aviator game.

Create an Account and Sign In

When entering the installed Aviator best app for the first time, the alert will go off about having to enter the account for proceeding with available games. Some platforms, depending on their popularity rate, will allow logging in with the social network account linking, while others accept only clear account creation with an e-mail and mobile phone involvement. Then, Aviator Mastercard app requires preparing the balance for the real experience, otherwise leaving access to the demo versions only. For the users who are hesitant to play for real money, especially right from the start, Aviator app download also offers free version to practice on.

System Requirements for Android

For starting the real Aviator game, there is not much to keep up with. All requirements enabled allow to run the applications from budget devices to embrace as much audience range as possible. The main statements to fulfill include:

Android version5.0 or higher
Available storage5 MB

Which Devices Work Best with Aviator for Android

There is no need to worry about model compatibility, as Aviator apps are common for all Android-based devices. The most popular device brands that appear in the lists of downloading statistics include:

  • Asus Rogue Phone
  • Asus Zenphone
  • Google Pixel
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Meizu phone
  • Oneplus
  • Oppo phone
  • Redmi Note
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • and many others

If there are any unexpected issues, the administration of the selected platform is usually available for getting in touch at any time. After addressing the problem to them, the response will be received almost immediately, with the maximum extension to an hour of wait. The most effective way of reaching the customer support will be live chat option due to its high automatization rate and ability to quickly redirect the requests to the relevant department.

Install Game on iPhone

For iOS users, there is also quite a choice of available platforms that can be used for Aviator app review. Some of them are enabled right in the App Store for download, with the link on the official site, while others work on somewhat different principles. Technically speaking about what is Aviator app for Apple, it is more of a shortcut creation than actual application, which works as a great alternative to installations. The steps for it are quite easy even for a novice user, taking only a couple of moves.

aviator download

Open the Link in Safari Browser

As the default browser, Safari is pre-installed on all Apple devices since the beginning, becoming the prioritized option for Internet surfing. It is enough to launch the link to the platform there to be instantly redirected to it and manage its options with the system rights. The source can be of any bookmaker or casino of the personal preference that has Aviator app in its catalogs.

Click “Share”

The next step involves sharing the page specifically to the device so that it can be accessed from its Home screen. To activate the feature, it is enough to choose the corresponding arrow sign from the context menu of the browser.

Click “Go to Home Screen” and Select “Done”

Then, every user has to do is to confirm the action by pressing “Done” and receiving the relevant pop-up message on the screen. After that, they can close the tab in the browser and go right to the newly created shortcut.

Launch the App and Start Playing

With all the preparations done, the player can freely open the best Aviator game app, configure the account and start playing Aviator for real money. All the information about signing in remains active, allowing you to go straight to the game after entering. Both full and demo versions are available for playing, depending on the situation or personal preference.

Basically, the app works as the adaptation of the mobile browser version in a separate window, which is especially valuable if the user does not have too much free space on the device. It also does not differ much from the experience of separate app creations that simply transferred the browser interface into downloadable assets. Therefore, the Aviator apps like this sometimes work even better than the potential software created, but with the guaranteed stable Internet connection.

iOS System Requirements

The compatibility with such apps is rarely an issue, but, in case of any errors, the local site administration is always ready to help or offer its alternative. There are, however, some basic requirements the user should check before installing their Aviator app:

iOS version10 or higher
Available storage100 MB

The Aviator Game Availability on iPhone Devices

It is not a problem to run the application even on the early device editions, including the broad category of mobile users. The full list usually includes such models, as:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5 (all editions)
  • iPhone 6 (all editions)
  • iPhone 7 (all editions)
  • iPhone 8 (all editions)
  • iPhone 10 (all editions)
  • iPhone 11 (all editions)
  • iPhone 12 (all editions)
  • iPhone 13 (all editions)
  • iPhone 14+
  • iPad 2+
  • iPod Touch 5+

Download Aviator on PC

Not all applications set their app limits to mobile devices only – the offers with Aviator PC game free download are no less expectant by different players. To get the favorite game for quick launch, there is slightly different sequence of actions the user has to fulfill:

  • Choose the browser they use the most for searching for the preferable platform.
  • Go to the direct download link or find one via the main page of a service.
  • Select the option that points at the PC version.
  • Wait for the download completion to proceed.
  • Pick the location of the app files, manage the final setup before installation.
  • Open the final application to ensure it works properly.

For the security matters, the computer should have the antivirus enabled both for the browser firewall and incoming files. Scanning the files or scrolled pages will help to find out whether the site is trustworthy, while its app does not contain any malware. If the scam is not prevented, any private data stored within might end up leaked or severely damaged.


How to download Aviator free?

There are multiple platforms that have free applications with the Aviator game in the catalogs. It is enough to choose one to the liking and download it, passing the registration to have access to the actual game.

What language is Aviator downloaded in?

The services automatically match the region data requested from the user’s end, displaying the interface in the native language. In case of Indian region, the most on-demand languages will be either Hindi or English to play Aviator.

How to play the mobile version of Aviator?

For any mobile devices, the platforms of choice enable alternative site options, adapted to the sizes of smartphone or tablet, where Aviator also freely fits the mobile screens. Another choice would be to download the official application, with links for both iOS or Android systems.

Is it safe for my phone?

To make sure the application does not hurt the device, it should be checked with firewall or system antivirus for malicious software. To prevent any possible problems, the files should be downloaded from official bookmaker or casino sites.

How to update 1win aviator app?

Many applications, in order to keep the players updated, include the feature of automatic search for newer versions of the service. The user just has to agree to the thematic pop-up message, after which the official download starts and refreshes the app. In cases, when players downloaded their service from App Store, the background update occurs, not bothering them with additional notifications.

aviator download app


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