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Since the release of Aviator game in 2019 on multiple partnering platforms, it has received an immense amount of attention from all kinds of audiences. Both players and providers found the first crush game a curious and fresh kind of entertainment to try at least once to make up their mind about it. No wonder that later it initiated the noteworthy splash of comments and reviews among the ones who experienced the gameplay personally, strategy. Even now, the search results for Aviator casino game review give out fresh articles or forum topics, where the players share their opinions.

Aviator Game Reviews

From local websites to worldwide communities, there are many 1win, Mostbet, 1xbet, Pin Up Aviator review blocks that describe the personal impressions of the users after different periods of time. Most commonly, they are easily found under the in-built game on the respective platform, or in the main menu of the discussion pages. Describing both positive and negative views in their opinion, they help to define how the game works, what to start with and which mechanics will be the most helpful.

The majority of Aviator review evaluations focus on certain aspects, both in the gameplay meaning or background component. Out of top mentions, one can see such mentions:

aviator game review

  1. Availability. In order to make Pin-Up casino Aviator review, the player does not need to make any additional moves or pass any verifications – the ready bookmaker or casino account is already enough to play for real money and win. In the case of the demo version, it is available even without registration, allowing you to form a personal impression about the game.
  2. Bonuses. The prizes or perks which are offered with Aviator promo campaigns are one of the most beneficial, especially if used during the registration process. It is highly recommended by the experienced players to not ignore promo codes or vouchers posted on the official sources of Spribe company or its partners. There is a special field on every platform during the sign-up, with which the users can activate bonus offers, varying from one service to another, introducing either free spins, additional funds or deposit increases up to five times, depending on the replenishment sum.
  3. Demonstrability. Some players say how much they like the fact that the game does not hold anything up their sleeves, making no difference between real money version and free analog for training. It is especially helpful for them at the beginning of getting familiar with the game, when trying to figure out the essentials. As a result, in the full game version, the results are significantly higher, paying back all the efforts dedicated to studying the mechanics and strategies.
  4. Deposit options. The platforms that cooperate with Aviator developers are famous all around the world and, therefore, are open for different methods of replenishment or withdrawal. No matter whether it is credit card, electronic wallet, local payment system or cryptocurrency, every option is supported for managing the balance.
  5. Design. Across the gambling community, the newly founded genre of crash games has gained the stable image of flying plane with memorable, but not as vibrant-colored, features. Many players also pointed out the absence of any additional ads, unstable graphics that could freeze the game or any similar drawbacks. Especially with the Pin Up casino Aviator review section, many refer positively to such a decision, saying how they can truly relax with it during the game.
  6. Navigation. It is not hard to figure out the functions implied in the game, especially with the built-in live chat feature that allows to ask the players online about the hints. But it also does not lessen the excitement from the actual game, as figuring out the most suitable and comfortable way to apply tactics gives enough space for experiments.

With all the descriptions of the mentioned categories, it is easy for the beginner to find out the key points about the game and motivate them to learn more. The experienced users may also leave in their reviews some valuable remarks that will make the process at the game significantly funnier.

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“When I started learning more about gambling, there were some heated discussions about Aviator, so I decided to give it a try. And, well, it was truly something – felt like a slot, but more encouraging to take part in. Later I started searching for different methods of how others play it, developed my own tactics, with regular wins. Now it’s been two years since I’ve started, and it’s still my favorite game since then.”


“A nice game that allows all kinds of gameplay – you can either regulate everything on your own or just turn on the auto-game mode, set it up and receive the wins directly to the account balance. I can easily adjust the type of activity according to my schedule or mood – if I don’t feel like playing actively, I just set up the stops after 1.5 coefficient or so and just go with it, watching the process. Accordingly, when I want to fully control the process, I turn the feature off, regulate the bets and start the game, adjusting accordingly to the situation”


“Learned about this game from the Pin-Up Aviator review category and noticed how active the players were, which was unusual for the recent releases. That made me curious, so I opened it, made the bet, and here we are, more than three years later. It is that one thing that seems perfectly familiar, but at the same time hides some secrets you can discover one day and never feel bored. I like how you can have the freedom of experiments, especially with the good demo available, and later receive the nice rewards back to the acc for real.”

Reviews of the Aviator Strategy

Within the game, there have been several commonly known tactics of action that work on a regular basis, allowing even the beginners to end the round with successful results. They were proven with time and by many different players on multiple platforms, ensuring that Aviator game experience is completely fair on every partnering source. Among the community, the biggest popularity belongs to such tips, as:

aviator casino review

  1. Betting for low multipliers. For casual players, such tactics allow them to enjoy consistent small wins with the game stop at 1.2-1.25 or similar points, varying from one player to another. Moreover, it is one of the easiest conditions to set up with automatic mode, letting you set the game in the background mode or have an opportunity to distract, causing less stress.
  2. Double bets. While the first one serves as the bait and stops shortly after 1.2 or so, covering the bet value, the next launch lasts for significantly longer, working as the real money earning tool. Many like it for more challenging mode and variability, allowing to define individually where the golden middle is before low wins and chase for the sole jackpot.
  3. Highly risky. Out of the existing modes, little percent of the audience actually tries it out or masters for the real game, preferring to train with the demo mode solely. It is highly dependent on the timing, requiring the player to wait for specific timing and work for the highest multipliers available. If the moment was guessed right, then the first bet will have no less than 35-40 multiplier, while the second one right after will have the win reach higher than 100, which only happens once every 1-1.5 hours.
  4. Mathematical. It is based on strict principles, with each player having to work with increasing and decreasing steps in bets. Once the round ends as failure, the user increases the bet on the initial sum, and decreases it back in the same manner after the win. The golden multiplier for the tactics is 2, allowing later to conveniently calculate the expenses, ending with a certain rate of income. The size of wins depends on the overall dynamics, but rarely leaves the player with nothing.

There is no complete list of the existing strategies, as people regularly experiment with the game mechanics and post their signature moves or “rituals”. On the thematic forums, there are plenty of them, updated regularly by newcomers or reviewing their efficiency.

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“At first, I was confident that the “so-called tactics mean nothing for the random-based game”, and, oh, man, how wrong I was. I couldn’t really get what was wrong with my initial failures, but then I tried to do a little research and scroll through the forums for more info. There, I saw a post from someone similar to me, giving a piece of advice about using double bets… That worked really beautifully, bringing me the first use of the awaited win. I was one step away then from hating the game, but now Aviator is my all-time favorite”


“I never stop experimenting with the bets even now, after a year of playing, and there is always something exciting about it. Starting from the safest options and ending with x100 gambit, each method has its own charm that makes the Aviator truly fascinating for me. Sometimes I wish I could experience it all from the start, but, luckily, there is still a lot I haven’t tried yet, so I always have something to catch up with and enjoy the process from another perspective.”


“I still remember how my friend decided to pull a prank on me, when I was sure that strategy was nonsense. She introduced me to Aviator, asked to play a couple of rounds, and, after hearing my review about lost rounds, said “Now try it, playing with bets like this” and sent me the link to the D’Alamber table. That was an eye-opening experience for me, separating my views to “before” and “after”, so, I should say it, you should never underestimate strategies. Even the simplest one, looks like complete nonsense at first.”


“Before, it was difficult for me to find something interesting in gambling, especially with tactical potential that could remain stable and changeable at one. Aviator has truly become a breath of fresh air in this sense. You can adapt it however you like and never get tired, and that really made me their fan”

Feedback on Aviator Signals

Another helping tool that, as a rule, works with the help of technical calculations, is automatic signals for Aviator games that define the best time to bet and receive the highest reward. According to the statistics, once in between 60–90 minutes, the multiplier increase reaches, as the preliminary signal, 35–50 points, after which the next round should overcome the threshold for 100 bonus multiplier. As it is impossible for the majority of players to endlessly watch the rounds, awaiting the high time, the special programs with notifications. Programmed to set off with the warning about soon raising of wins, they keep updated the players, allowing them to timely join the round of truth.

As a rule, the signals are designed differently, from independent software to messenger bots. Usually, the players opt for the latter, as the bot does not take storage space and allows the accurate setup no worse than the separate program. Another valid option becomes the participation in the Aviator communities and groups of informative type which manually calculates the timings for the next potential jackpot round, notifying the players. The most common places for such groups are WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messengers with extended functionality.

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“I wanted to try winning the round with a multiplier over x100 at least once, but never was successful enough for it. Due to the work, I couldn’t really look at the game screen all the time, and at home there was just not enough concentration for it. This is why I decided to get the recommended software with timers, hoping for the last glimpse of hope. That thing truly did wonder – right with the first use, I was in time to risk it and get over x100 for the first time. Since then, it has become my favorite companion in the game”


“While searching for the ways to make Aviator more exciting, I stumbled upon the discussion with the timers and best bots, which were new for me. Thinking that was the exact thing I needed, I got one of the highest reviewed bots, used its help, and immediately fell for the lucky moment with the set-off to 100 multipliers. Since then, during the games, I always stay cautions for new bot notifications about possible golden round start”


“Skeptical with all the gibberish about timings, I wanted to laugh over people who seriously counted every second of the rounds, just for the bunch of people to rush in the game after their command. But once I was curious enough to join them, I made a couple of bets, and that was when the fourth or fifth bet literally started to skyrocket, turning from Aviator to some Spaceman. That was crazy. When I saw the final win, I just had to admit my loss – that was a thing to consider seriously.”

aviator casino game review

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