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The story about the application of the developer Spribe should probably start with the founding date of this game element – 2018. The first users immediately identified the game as pleasant entertainment with simple rules. Aviator game app review makes it clear that this crash game differs from its predecessors in that it harmoniously combines simplicity and popularity. The creators of the slot app decided not to overload the mechanism with paylines, reels and symbol combinations to make playing Aviator easier.

Most gamblers love this game for its simplicity of gameplay and the opportunity it provides for a person to test their thinking in a strategic direction.

Having visited the official website, everyone can note that this game is not overloaded with complex bells and whistles, many rules, etc. Most players note that the slot offers simple game rules: follow the flight of the red glider while listening to pleasant music. Of course, just following the flight of the airplane is not enough; in order to say i win Aviator, the player needs to catch the moment necessary for the bet until the airplane disappears in the graphic design of the game. The successful outcome of the game depends on the gambler’s reaction speed, because the higher the red glider rises into the sky, the higher the bet multiplier.

And now about everything in more detail:

  • Flight coefficients – already at the x1 mark, an uneven growth of multipliers begins, which fluctuates in the range of x10 and x100. Watching the odds increase, you need to place a bet.
  • Round Duration – The round lasts approximately thirty seconds. Defeat occurs if the player does not have time to fix the winning amount before the end of the round.
  • Play fairly – refunds to players (RTP) occur in 97% of cases, this is very popular with game users.
  • Mobile adaptation – the aviator is a game is perfectly compatible with any device, be it Android or IOS, it can be downloaded to the gadget from the official website, or from bookmaker and casino applications. To instantly top up your account and fight with the pilot.

Analytics of game statistics, the operating principle of the tool shows that the chances are constantly growing. The platform of the crash game offers live statistics that store Aviator round history results, the results of bets made in the past, in addition, in the Live statistics section you can see the performance of the games of other participants and even the rating of the largest winnings!

Experienced players already know, but beginners should still be reminded that the Aviator crash game is based on chance, so it is impossible to build any strategy based on the experience of other participants, since their actions cannot be considered consistently effective. And also, if you immediately begin to perceive the crash game as a means of entertainment, and not as an opportunity to make money.

It is difficult to judge the popularity of this slot. Each player has his own opinion on this matter: some like its simplicity, others admire the unobtrusive color scheme and intuitive interface. In any case, the crash game in India is an excellent remedy for fatigue, during which you can test your intuition, reaction and the favor of Fortune. In addition, high (RTP) and compatibility with any device leaves a pleasant impression of the game.

Let’s continue our Aviator casino game slot review with the fact that the crash slot is equipped with an in-game chat in which the user communicates during the game and shares his emotions. Expressing them using emoticons and gifs. Here you can read how other players fight. It is also worth noting that the game can host tournaments in which you can win a fast prize.



I like to come home after a day of work, relax in a comfortable chair and play Aviator. I like that Aviator doesn’t skimp on bonuses. I have a good time – sometimes I even win. Here you can win big.

Mohini Luck

I came across this game completely by accident, until that moment I never thought that I was a gambling person! First I read the aviator game review. After which, using the demo version, I learned how to place bets and now I win more often than I lose!


“My game at the Aviator crypto casino is more losses than wins. The first deposit was simply lost. The random number generator seems to be working against me.” This is what I thought in the first days, as soon as I embarked on the path of passion. I even started to think that casino games were not for me. But after I delved into the algorithm of the crash game “Aviator” and understood the functionality of the game, my reaction became clearer, my intuition became sharper, and I even won small amounts a couple of times!


As for me, Aviator Betting Game is excellent entertainment for those who have at least a little understanding of the strategy of gambling crash games. I am also pleasantly pleased that the graphics are not overloaded with colors – mostly red and black do not distract the player’s attention. For the high multipliers and wide range of bets, I would like to express special respect to the developers of the slot.

Сrazy Bee

I don’t understand why users say that “Aviator casino game” is a game where you can not only win, but also get quick support from the administration in case of problems. No, of course you can win; I won’t hide it; I won 5,000 rubles myself! But I had a problem with withdrawing cash from my account, which was resolved within two days! I no longer hoped to receive the money, when suddenly the technical support operator wrote to me and explained for a long time that they had some kind of glitch in the program and therefore I was not able to withdraw funds. He apologized for a long time. In general, I got my money back, thank you.

Ashoka Master

Aviator game is real my everything! To be honest, I never believed in my luck. But since I started getting involved in online casino games, I think that I’m still lucky! The first deposit in the Aviator game became my ticket to victory.


Personally, I like the stability of the Aviator application. An adequate wager will ensure a good profit if successful. The screen is a separate issue: image clarity, primitive plot – everything is super! Lower multipliers give 10% stable income, but I would like a little more luck.


Excellent gameplay you can enjoy the game! Simple rules, high chances of winning. Only beginners need to practice their reaction speed for some time before starting the game using the free demo version. The essence of the game is to have time to place a bet before something happen catastrophe. I’ve only been training for a week and now I win more often than I lose. It’s enjoyable result.


I studied different slots and settled on crash for now. Everything works for me, but starting to play for real money is somehow scary. Although, my friend, who is braver than me, hit a big jackpot yesterday in a real fight with this Aviator.

Vipul 40

As a regular user, I can say that Aviator is a unisex game, so to speak about the slot, captivating people of different genders, ages and statuses. A wide monetary range of bets allows everyone who believes in it to try their luck, while gaining not only profit, but also experience. Separately, I would like to note the loyalty of the casino’s playing conditions, the simplicity of the rules and the efficiency of the support operators.

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“At first, I was confident that the “so-called tactics mean nothing for the random-based game”, and, oh, man, how wrong I was. I couldn’t really get what was wrong with my initial failures, but then I tried to do a little research and scroll through the forums for more info. There, I saw a post from someone similar to me, giving a piece of advice about using double bets… That worked really beautifully, bringing me the first use of the awaited win. I was one step away then from hating the game, but now Aviator is my all-time favorite”


“I never stop experimenting with the bets even now, after a year of playing, and there is always something exciting about it. Starting from the safest options and ending with x100 gambit, each method has its own charm that makes the Aviator truly fascinating for me. Sometimes I wish I could experience it all from the start, but, luckily, there is still a lot I haven’t tried yet, so I always have something to catch up with and enjoy the process from another perspective.”


“I still remember how my friend decided to pull a prank on me, when I was sure that strategy was nonsense. She introduced me to Aviator, asked to play a couple of rounds, and, after hearing my review about lost rounds, said “Now try it, playing with bets like this” and sent me the link to the D’Alamber table. That was an eye-opening experience for me, separating my views to “before” and “after”, so, I should say it, you should never underestimate strategies. Even the simplest one, looks like complete nonsense at first.”


“Before, it was difficult for me to find something interesting in gambling, especially with tactical potential that could remain stable and changeable at one. Aviator has truly become a breath of fresh air in this sense. You can adapt it however you like and never get tired, and that really made me their fan”

aviator casino game review

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